Springsteen Real Estate

Springsteen Realestate develops, furnishes and rents out its own properties. We know what our tenants are looking for and because Springsteen has all the expertise under one roof we can meet all expectations.
Most of our tenants are expats and international students. Working professionals and hard studying students don’t need/want too much space. Big apartments need a lot of cleaning, maintenance etc. Therefore Springsteen has chosen to focus on compact houses and has gained the knowledge on how to make optimal use of space in our studios/ apartments.
Springsteen Realestate tends to create a cozy and safe environment for its tenants. We’ve created over 40 studios/ apartments spread over 5 buildings, all of which are located in Rotterdam center and Rotterdam west. This gives our tenants the opportunity to meet other tenants in the building and have a beverage on the shared roof terrace or garden, or to keep it to themselves, just as you please.

Our vision

Our vision is to give our tenants a carefree experience by creating fully furnished and connected studios and apartments, so our international tenants just have to take care of their luggage.