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Founded in 2016

It’s not about what we do,
it’s about who we are.

Rotterdam based

Springsteen Real Estate was founded in 2016. We started developing studios and apartments, mainly in Rotterdam.

Continuous Improvement

Because we have always had the development in our own hands and have focussed on the same tenants, we’ve gained a lot of knowledge in how to fully accommodate our tenants wishes.


Our tenants are hardworking serious people whose focus during their stay is very much set on what they came for.

USER experience

We, as much as our tenants, want them to succeed and that is why we want to take as much of the hassle of moving to another country away as possible.


We want to see you succeed.

As a business we’ve grown the last couple of years. This is why we’ve also expanded in employment with more distributed work, so everyone has his own responsibilities.

This makes you as a renter have someone within Springsteen Real Estate as your personal contact person whose job it is to fully accommodate our tenants with a pleasant stay.


For us as a business we not only benefit from the even more happy tenants but also this dividing of work makes that our employees who focus on the development can work under optimal conditions.

Under these conditions we asked them to focus during the next projects on ways to make our units even better equipped, to make sure we comply with environmentally friendly investments and see that we don’t miss out on the latest trends in living comfort.


The Future

The future is bright,
the future is green.

We’ve always seen a big value in the ecological benefits of renting our units fully furnished for expats within the Netherlands. Every time a new tenant uses the same table, closet our couch it is almost as if we’ve prevented the production of more furniture which in another case had to be bought new.

For the future we see big potential to invest in more durable furniture so we can improve on this point.
Furthermore, we want to make our current buildings more self-sufficient by installing solar panels on the roof of some of our buildings


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